Top Insurance Companies in Irvine, California

We work with multiple types of insurance companies to help and provide you the best possible premium home insurance that works best for your home. We value your time and by working with the top and best insurance companies, we are able to compare different quotes for you, all in one website. Instead of putting all your information for each website, we are able to maximize your savings while saving you time. Below are the top home insurance companies in Irvine, California.
Mercury is a great choice to think about when choosing coverage for your home. Mercury offers the standard coverage for home insurance but what makes them stand out is their, “Extended Replacement Cost” which provides coverage of up to 150% to help rebuild and replace your home in the event of an accident. They also provide multiple discounts including auto and home bundle, protective devices and more savings.
Metlife is another valuable option to pursue for your home. Metlife provides a customizable coverage that works to your expectations and offers to rebuild your home even if it goes over the cost of your home when it was insured. Metlife has excellent customer service and includes identity protection services.
Kemper Preferred is a well known and very credible option to think about when choosing the right homeowners insurance coverage. Kemper provides the standard coverage as well for home insurance and provides additional coverage options that best suits you, simultaneously they offer discounts as well including multi policy discounts and their Safe and Sound Discounts.
Safeco Home Insurance coverage is another great choice to think about for your home. They offer the standard coverage but also provides other types of options such as: Identity Recovery, Equipment Breakdown, Valuable Articles and more. Safeco has great customer service and provides multiple discounts that includes bundling your home and auto insurance as well.
With a 4.7/5.0 review for customer claims, Hartford Home Insurance provides great service and coverage for your home. Hartford offers many discounts and provides different types of insurance options such as the standard homeowner coverage but they also have the “Full Replacement Cost” and “ProtectorPLUS Zero Deductible Benefit” coverage; which are great options to think about when getting insured with Hartford.
With great discounts and savings, Travelers is a great choice for your home insurance coverage. Travelers is a well known insurance company and offers the standard coverage of home policies.
Chubb Home Insurance coverage is another great option for your home protection. Their broad coverage includes: Extended Replacement Cost, Cash Settlement, Risk Consulting, Additional Living Expenses, and Replacement Cost Coverage. A little brief description that makes them stand out is their “Cash Settlement” coverage which is basically in a catastrophic event and you have agreed not to rebuild your home, Chubb will offer to pay you cash within limit of your policy.
Aegies Home Insurance is another option to think about for your home insurance, they provides security and coverage for your home and emphasizes on liability risks that you could possibly face. Aegies only provides their customers with insurance policies and not a maintenance policy.
National General Insurance provides great coverage and security for your home. Coverage includes: “Guaranteed and Extended Replacement of Your Home, Restore with Sustainable Materials, Coverage for Belongings Beyond the Home, and Protecting Your Identity.” With a wide variety of discounts Natgen help you save more on your policies.
Nationwide Home Insurance is a very well known insurance company as well and provides great coverage for your home. They offer multiple securities and coverages such as their “Brand New Belongings” coverage, which protects your prized possessions if they are stolen, damaged or destroyed.